College Transfer Student Street Team

The College Transfer Student Chicago Street Team is a community of passionate millennials that are optimizing their skills and talents to not only promote College Transfer Student as a band, but also to raise awareness for significant causes and influence our generation to take action on these causes. Together we can harness our unique abilities and passions to leverage College Transfer Student’s music, performance, and merchandise in a way that no other band has thought of before.

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College Transfer Student Street Team Members

At the heart of our music project is our team members.  Becoming  a street team member will allow CTS Street Team Membershipyou to utilize your skills and build upon your resume, while also learning about digital marketing, from College Transfer Student’s founder, Sam Gaytan.  You’ll gain access to exclusive content and resources which is beneficial to developing our street team member’s knowledge and understanding of the significance of online marketing and the impact it has..

As a team member for College Transfer Student you’ll be able to improve upon your talents while our leaders provide insight and guidance to help you promote your own work. Even if you’re just a fan that’s looking for more, our street team doesn’t require you to do extraordinary tasks, in fact you choose to help us out where and when you can.

As a street team member you can encompass certain different roles. As a Promoter you are able to utilize social media as your forefront for sharing the band’s information. This role is perfect for someone who wants to help but may not have a lot of extra time to do so. The next role beyond a promoter is an associate. Associates are pretty active members of the team that will help recruit members. The  final role as a member is the Leader, which will take on the responsibility to continue promotion in their designated area.

What Do I Get Out of it? What Do You Get Out of it?

Not many other bands or communities will offer this kind of incentive. We wholeheartedly depend on you, our biggest fans, to be a part of this movement. Positive involvement is a win win situation. Part of every profit here at CTS goes to charity and it’s our goal to give as much as we can to those charities. Help us give back and reach our goals. Sharing is caring.

Street Team Rewards

As a member of our street team you have become a part of the College Transfer Student Community. That kind of dedication deserves to be rewarded. You can gain access to free downloads to CTS music to getting direct insight from digital media marketing specialist Sam Gaytan, backstage access, free tickets to shows, . The possibilities are endless.


You can earn the title of a College Transfer Student Street Team Promoter with just a few simple tasks. To receive this title you must be able to share content on your social media accounts that will link back to College Transfer Students website on a regular basis. We want you to get creative with your posts. Tasks will include but are not limited to taking pictures from our shows and sharing your experiences with the band. Try to Instagram a selfie wearing the College Transfer Student merchandise. Encourage our positive mission as a band with others.


Just like a promoter an associate will also share experiences, pictures, content, but will help recruit others to join our team. Associates are active members of the College Transfer Student Street Team. An associate will help promoters with ideas and brainstorming for social media posts.


As a leader of the College Transfer Student Street Team you have been assigned this role because you have demonstrated your loyalty and have become an active member with leadership qualities. You are in charge in your region for guidance to associates and promoters. You answer questions and concerns as well as listen to ideas from your team members. You are the primary director and communicator to our community.

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