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Manufacturer’s Description:

The Shin-Juku Drive replicates the sound of a rare boutique amp prized for producing smooth, wide open overdrive with tons of sustain and an incredibly fast playing response.

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Pedal Controls

MXR Shin Juku Drive - FX Controls

  1. Output – Sets the volume level
  2. Tone – Brighter clockwise, warmer counterclockwise
  3. Gain – Adjusts the drive, dirtier clockwise, cleaner counterclockwise
  4. Dark Switch – Cuts high frequencies for dark and mellow sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Impedance ~ 10Kohm @ 1 KHz
  • Output Impedance* ~ 5K ohms @ 1 KHz
  • Current Draw: 10mA
  • Noise Floor** -101.5 dBV
  • Power Supply <10 mA @ 9VDC

The Shin-Juku Drive is powered by one 9-volt battery (remove bottom plate to install), a 9-volt AC adapter such as the Dunlop ECB003, or the DC Brick™ and Iso-Brick™ power supplies.

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Shin-Juku Drive
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