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November 12, 20170

We’re proud to say that Purgation EP is sounding really good. A huge improvement since our previous album, Quandary EP.  Since, we produce our own music from start to finish (with the exception of mastering) this has been a tremendous accomplishment for us; having this EP finally starting to define our sound.

Before sending these tracks off to our Mastering dude, we wanted to gain some feedback from producers, musicians, hobbyists, and anyone willing to give us some constructive criticism.

Purgation EP Demos

*Please Note that these tracks aren’t complete yet, we understand there’s a good amount of work left to do on them.  It would help to have different opinions that we can use for direction.  We also have a limiter on the master bus for these tracks, for listening purposes.  Since, these tracks haven’t been mastered we wanted to give them enough volume to keep your attention.  Also, please ignore the long silence at the end of each track.  It was an error on my part when I went to bounce the mixes.


You can use the form below to help us stay organized with our feedback or you can choose to comment below.  Thank you again for your feedback!  If you choose to use the form, the required email will enter you in a contest for Purgation EP and some free swag once it’s released in early 2018.

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