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June 5, 20170

Well, everyone it turns out writing, recording, mixing, and mastering your own tracks is not as easy as it sounds – not that it sounds easy.  So, the bad news is obviously we’ve taken an extra long time to get these tracks ready for release, but the good news is they’re baking in the oven and almost ready.  We’ve sent the tracks out to a mastering engineer, who I’ve personally known since I was in high school. So, he’s going to help make this EP special for all of you.

We’ll announce the exact date of our release next week.  Currently, all the premasters are complete and ready for the mastering phase.  We’ve already created the album artwork and the EP is ready to be distributed once the mastering phase is complete.

Quandary EP - College Transfer Student album artworkFurthermore, we’ve decided to donate all revenue made off of Quandary EP sales to a green loving, Climate believing charity. And we need your help to decide which one… Here’s a few of our options:

I don’t need the money as much as the earth does at this moment. So, please give us your thoughts and opinions. You can email me directly at or comment below.

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Other College Transfer Student News

In other news, College Transfer Student has begun to connect with local DJs/EDM artists in the Chicagoland area.  We’ll be collaborating on new songs for 2018 and we’re also having them remix some of our 2017 EPs now.  I expect to hear great things out of these local artists.

Also, we’ve already begun recording and mixing for our next EP (to follow Quandary EP).  Purgation EP will be our 3rd release expected this year. More news to come soon.

Love you all,


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