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April 7, 20160

Website promotes original material and local Chicago music, as well as donation and fundraising opportunities

Chicago – College Transfer Student announces today the official launch of, a website devoted to promoting music, supporting local musicians and artists, and fundraising and events that help support qualifying families with significant healthcare expenses and other non-profit organizations that have been strong and effective leaders on issues consistent with the College Transfer Student mission.

The College Transfer Student website provides information and resources on audio production, music business, local music events, and current issues.  The site provides numerous ways that visitors can give to supported charities in the form of donations, legislative petitions, online shopping that gives back a portion of an item’s cost to the non-profit organizations, and merchandise that shows support for the cause.

College Transfer Student was established by Sam Gaytan, President and CEO of College Transfer Student.  Gaytan plans to expand College Transfer Student on a national level. “College Transfer Student is committed to making a difference with their music and challenge the status quo of what it means to be a band.” stated Sam. “With this new website, we hope to provide a resource where individuals can learn more about pursuing their passions and talents while offering a way for people to give back to support this very worthwhile cause.”

What is College Transfer Student?

The mission of the Support Foundation for Illness is to increase awareness and understanding of various illness issues, to support legislation benefiting those suffering from illness and their families, to help cover significant health care expenses for qualifying families, and to support other non-profit organizations that have been strong and effective leaders on issues consistent with the Foundation’s mission. For more information on College Transfer Student, visit us online at


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