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April 17, 20170

If you’re like College Transfer Student, you may know what your favorite type of music genre is and you are continually looking for new indie artists to listen to and perhaps that is what led you here. Indie music has its roots in garage bands putting their talents together to create music that could be listened to by anyone and at any time, and has developed into one of the most popular genres of our time.

If you have been searching around for the top Indie acoustic artists, then you have come to the right place. Following are some of the best acoustic indie bands and top acoustic indie artists of all time that you will be glad you listened to:

Justin Vernon

Indie Acoustics - Justin Vernon

The founder of the band Bon Iver, Justin Vernon has been gracing our headphones with his incredible indie music since 2007. From his lyrics that make you want to understand life better to the amazing melodies that his band writes, and his rich smooth voice that can catch the attention of nearly anyone, Justin Vernon is an Indie artist worth listening to.

James Blake

James Blake

James Blake has worked with Justin Vernon and deserves his name in lights as incredible indie artistJ. He has the kind of music with lyrics that make you think and a voice that you just can’t ignore. Just when you think he can’t possibly come up with another hit, he produces songs that make you want to download them as soon as possible.

Damien Rice

Damian Rice - Indie Acoustic

You may have heard The Blower’s Daughter before, but in case you haven’t, it is the time and the place for you to go and listen to it and don’t stop there. His voice is soothing while his lyrics can, at times, be fascinatingly haunting. There is just something about Damien Rice that makes him both addictive yet at times too much. His music is to be taken in doses, but most definitely he should be listened to.

Fleet Foxes

Indie Acoustic Bands - Fleet Foxes

Oh the chills and the feels that come from listening to Fleet Foxes. It’s the type of music that you can listen to while doing something else, such as studying or working that inspires you while at the same time not distracting you. Yet if they do, it will be because they are experts at harmonies, lyrical magic, and enchanting melodies.

Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens - Indie Acoustic Bands

She has that kind of voice that you can listen to and not get tired of. Maybe it’s how smooth and effortless her voice is or how her lyrics make you feel like she is telling a story, or perhaps it is the way that Heloise Letissier gets you singing out loud. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.


Birdy - Indie Acoustic

Oh Birdy, she is amazingly great at covers, but it’s more than just her way of adapting any song to her style, she simply has that mixture of sweet and sultry in her voice that makes you want to listen to her for hours on end. She may very well become one of your favorites, especially with her album Beautiful Lies.

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