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April 1, 20160

Chicago is well renowned not just for being the “Windy City”, but for it’s amazing musical festivities. Some of the best music scenes in the U.S. happen right here in Chicago. This incredible city has been the home of many music legends like Chicago, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, Sam Cooke, and so much more. If you are from Chicago or just visiting and are in need of your daily music dose check out some of these CTS Suggests hotspots.


This venue is a fan favorite. The way this place is set up allows guests to view the stage from every angle. The Metro provides plenty of dancing and moshing room without you feeling disconnected to the artists. The large balcony let’s you oversee the whole place. So grab your friends get some drinks at the bar and come see bands like College Transfer Student rock out.

Double Door.

If you know anything about Chicago’s music scene then you must know about Double Door. This little hot spot has been a Chicagoan favorite for years. Not just for indie rock but for hip hop and even soul music. Located in Wicker Park Double Door allows for fans to connect, enjoy, and feel the music. It’s easy access to restaurants and transportation make it one of Chicago’s must see spots.

Empty Bottle

A great spot for that eclectic feel and sound. Bartenders are attentive, beer collections is of plenty, and the local’s are awesome. Reminder the bar is CASH ONLY so make sure to hit the ATM up. Open seven days a week giving local musicians a chance to be heard and enjoyed. Hopefully when you come to may you bottle never be empty… wink.

The Elbo Room

The perfect spot to really feel and hear the music, the Elbo Room. This venue has multiple levels and stages. Great place to check out more than one band at a time. Bartenders are greatand service is quick. Prices are standard. Nothing but good vibes from the staff and the regulars.

House Of Blues

Clearly you must have heard of the House Of Blues! Everyone has! The place is legendary. Not just an indie rock venue, but a venue for all types of musicians. Local bands, top artists, and College Transfer Student have all had the privilege to play here. Great food, great service, plenty of stage room, and fans can enjoy without feeling too cramped.

Hopefully we will see you at these venues soon! CTS Suggests and Promotes Chicago

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