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College Transfer Student is a local indie band from Chicago that was founded in 2009, by frontman Sam Gaytan. Since then CTS has dedicated their musical efforts to establishing an online music community of like-minded individuals who want to drive change through their creative abilities.

College Transfer Student: Mission Statement

College Transfer Student is not some artist trying to catch his break. He is a devoted musician that wants to educate our generation, collaborate with other artists, initiate a positive change, and spread awareness to the world. Our mission here at College Transfer Student is simple:

“We are providing greater opportunities for creative individuals with positive influence.”

The powerful impact social media and  music has on our youth is incredible. Through CTS we can take the music one step further than just touring and putting on remarkable shows. We make it our goal to give back. Every profit made by College Transfer Student a percent is donated to the various charities that we support. We all need a little help from our friends at some point or another.

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Indie-Pop Band

Check out new music releases from College Transfer Student.  We handle our music production from start to finish (with the exception of mastering).  So, you can comfortably listen to our tracks knowing they weren’t altered or manipulated in any way by a record label.

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College Transfer Student strives to be the most transparent band in the industry by providing digital marketing and sales reports, updating our progress with music and video production, and allowing fans to engage in a unique way with our street team.


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College Transfer Student is very involved with their video production.  Watch behind-the-scenes videos, live & acoustic sessions, new music videos, and much more.

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Juxtaposition EP

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Quandary EP

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Purgation EP

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Perspicacity EP

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