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College Transfer Student is an indie-alternative band from Chicago.  Established in 2009, by frontman, Sam Gaytan.  This website was established for our fan base, as well as the indie music community.

Online Music Community

Our online music community is comprised of all types of artists to help utilize each individual’s skills and knowledge to work towards something for the greater good.  Whether you join our street team or not, are biggest priority is to engage and interact with our audience.  So, feel free to contact College Transfer Student about any questions you may have.

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@CTSbird@CTSbird – 1 day

Pedals and Effects: Nu Tubescreamer by Ibanez

@CTSbird@CTSbird – 2 days

“Cut the Shenanigans” in the garage with friends

@CTSbird@CTSbird – 2 days

RT : Riff Raff will face trial in sexual assault lawsuit

@CTSbird@CTSbird – 3 days

Thom Yorke Talks New “Political” Solo Album Shared from my Google feed

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