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College Transfer Student

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Welcome to the CTS Official Website!

College Transfer Student (CTS) is an American indie rock band founded by myself, Sam Gaytan, in 2009.  Throughout the years, I’ve toured and performed with this project at notable venues in Chicago:

  • The Metro
  • House of Blues
  • Reggies Rock Joint

Founder's Note:

As of 2019, I’ve begun writing new material and want to focus the project on perfecting my craft of songwriting.  As I prepare new material, I’ve also begun looking for new band members in the Denver, CO area.  So feel free to reach out if you’re interested.

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College Transfer Student is an indie-alternative band from Chicago.  Established in 2009, by frontman, Sam Gaytan.  This website was established for our fan base, as well as the indie music community.  Our online music community is comprised of all types of artists to help utilize each individual’s skills and knowledge to work towards something for the greater good.  Whether you join our street team or not, are biggest priority is to engage and interact with our audience.  So, feel free to contact College Transfer Student about any questions you may have.

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Just posted a photo Colorado

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Help me out! Follow and listen to CTS on Spotify during that drive home from work! #synthpop…

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Watch "Top Notch Mollie" visualizer video on YouTube and don't forget to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE <3…

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Listen to "Movie Scene Pt.3" from Quandary EP on Spotify. Share, Love, and Follow Please!…

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Help me out! Follow and listen to CTS on Spotify during that drive home from work! #synthpop…

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Show some love for the FIRST EP - drop a review, make a purchase maybe.. =) #indiemusic…

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